Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity Quills has been on a decline since I was signed on in 2015, and the piling on of errors – missed dates for signings, complete lack of marketing support (despite the contract), failure to communicate mistakes, errors on the back covers and in the text – quickly depleted my trust in my publisher and contributed to my slow progress on the sequel to The Unquiet Dead.
Unfortunately, I am only one of many authors sharing similar complaints.
It’s finally come down to this. I am making all efforts to distance myself from CQ in what is really looking like their final months, and have been promised the return of all my rights to The Unquiet Dead – this has not yet been done.
Because of this, The Unquiet Dead can no longer be purchased – but this will hopefully be a temporary situation, as I look into other potential avenues for releasing the book back to the public, along with its sequels and other projects I am working on.
Thank for you for following me, and I have no intention to stop writing or releasing books in the future, and soon I will be able to do so without the spectre of Curiosity Quills’ contract looming over me.