The Unquiet Dead

When Ty Dufresne, an untrained necromancer and genre-savvy geek, loses two relatives to inexplicable suicides, he’s drawn to one bound spectre driving the city to despair – and three fire-scarred suicide cult survivors looking to free it for revenge.

Misery loves company, and the unquiet dead always feel alone.

Nineteen year old gamer Ty Dufresne likes to think he’s pretty genre-savvy, so when his aunt and uncle inexplicably “commit suicide,” Ty’s fairly sure he’s involved in something way above his level. But even though he’s been avoiding his necromantic powers for years, he can’t let his family’s deaths slide – and just hopes he isn’t a redshirt in someone else’s story. He soon discovers that 1) a spectre is breaking free of its prison and is growing stronger with each “suicide” it creates, 2) it will be free to plunge the city into despair by All Souls’ Day, and 3) most of Toronto’s hidden supernatural underworld seem totally cool with hiding until it goes away. The only shot at stopping this thing appears to be a haunted misericorde – which is missing. Because of course it is.

The last thing on Ty’s mind is becoming a big damn hero. But with the deaths of every citizen in Toronto hanging in the balance, it looks like he’ll need to embrace his connection with the Afterworld – or watch millions cross over to it.

The Unquiet Dead has a 4-Star rating on Goodreads and can be found in both ebook and paperback formats at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters/Indigo.

You can read the first chapter here!